The Great
Vigil of

Join Epiphany on April 17, Easter Sunday: 6:30AM

Front Porch Improv Comedy Theater

(210 Victory Dr: see map below)

There will be no 11AM service on Sunday.

(Note: We'd originally scheduled a service on the beach but we're 

moving to Front Porch due to inclement weather )

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Inspiring "Aha!" moments and epiphanies

We have no building to upkeep so we can focus on Jesus and God's dream for Savannah.


We pray and worship and promote God's justice, peace, and love alongside our neighbors. We offer a playful, contemporary approach to worship while also being steeped in tradition of the ancient Christians. 


We're becoming a church that's truly good news for our neighborhood, and not one that promotes division.


Will you partner with us to make God's love a reality in our city?


At Church of the Epiphany, we're doing church differently but with a focus on God's dream for humanity.


We're not going to yell at you, tell you what to think or believe. 

Come for a visit and leave your wallet at home. 

Come try us out, no strings attached. 

Join us for a potluck a meal or a discussion after our worship services. 

All are welcomed and embraced.


At Epiphany we are committed to anti-racism and anti-oppression.

We are an open and affirming church to the LGBTQ community.

We welcome all.

Join us at 11AM on Sundays at

Savannah's Front Porch Improv Theater

 or on Facebook Live.

Wanna take a risk and give online church a try?
Epiphany is a church created with you in mind.

Please know that you are welcome

ESPECIALLY if you have questions, doubts, and reservations.







Front Porch Improv is located at 210 W Victory Dr, Savannah, GA 31405

If you’ve attended an Epiphany service then you already know that we welcome all. We open our hearts and doors to the spiritually thirsty, seekers, questioners, the curious, and families of all sorts and sizes that are interested in following the Jesus path.  Come join us for contemplative worship in a warm setting within a welcoming community.



We gather for worship on Sundays and other occasions.

When there's not a global pandemic we have a community pot-luck service on the 3rd Sunday of the month.

Children of all ages are welcome to join us in worship (we usually have coloring pages and toys out in our meeting space)! We have plenty of folks who are willing to be good neighbors and "hold the baby" as well.

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Let us know you’re out there! Contact Church of the Epiphany today.

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18 E 34th Street Savannah 31401

(912) 236-4279 

(main office line)